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Parcel Tax Increase Survey Results

We have received and counted the opinion survey submissions for a possible parcel tax increase. See the results below.
Thank you for your submissions!



The results of the opinion survey were counted at the Special Board Meeting of February 20th, 2024 and shared during the Board Meeting of February 26th, 2024. The results are as follows:
YES votes, with address: 176
YES votes, with no address: 63
NO votes, with address: 37
NO votes, with no address: 40
NEED MORE INFO votes, with address: 24
NEED MORE INFO votes, with no address: 16
YES votes total: 239 votes, 67.13%
NO votes total: 77 votes, 21.63%
NEED MORE INFO votes total: 40 votes, 11.24%
Total surveys sent: 1098
Total surveys received: 356
Undeliverable surveys: 33
Participation percent: ​32.42%

To learn more about what an increase in parcel tax would mean for LFPD, and to read answers to frequently asked questions on the subject, please visit this page.

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