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What is the ISO?  Insurance Service Office is a government risk classification program.  Agents from the ISO visit the fire department and determine many factors to rate the department from how much water is available,  how fast fire department can provide water, to the distance from the fire department and call response time.  The classification is called PPC - Public Protection Classification.  Lockwood was formerly in class 8/8b rating.  The ISO has upgraded Lockwood Fire PPC rating effective November 1, 2019.  The updated rating is 5/5y.  All parcels are rated 5y with the exception of La Mel Heights subdivision which has 8 fire hydrants on a public water system which improves their rating to 5.  The PPC rating is no longer required to be used for insurance purposes.  However, many insurance providers use the PPC in rating properties.   For insurance purposes everyone in the district resides within 5 miles of a working fire station.  Lockwood Fire is a volunteer/stipend fire department and is contracted with CalFire through the "Amador Plan" .

Some insurance companies request a list of apparatus and water source.  As of February 2019 the following is a list of apparatus assigned at each fire station.  Water availability is being updated.

Fire Station #151 -

     Squad 6546,

     Engine 6520 Type III, Water Tender 6540 holds 4,000 gallons of water  

      On site -  four 5,000 gallon water tanks

Fire Station #152 -

     Utility 6547 (4wd 1/2 ton Pick-up)

     Engine 6530 Type I

     On site - one fire hydrant. 

     Within 1/8 mile, access to La Mel Heights subdivision 130,000 gallon water tank

The "Amador Plan" contract with CAL FIRE provides Lockwood with additional 500 gallon source of water carried on every CAL FIRE apparatus. 


     Fire Engine - 500 gallons with additional 500 gallons per minute pump

Many property owners have chosen to provide separate 500 gallon stand-alone water source for fire prevention/suppression use.  These addional sources are currently being mapped by Lockwoood staff.


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