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Parcel Tax Increase

We have received and counted the opinion survey submissions for a possible parcel tax increase. See the results below.
Thank you for your submissions!



The results of the opinion survey were counted at the Special Board Meeting of February 20th, 2024 and shared during the Board Meeting of February 26th, 2024. The results are as follows:
YES votes, with address: 176
YES votes, with no address: 63
NO votes, with address: 37
NO votes, with no address: 40
NEED MORE INFO votes, with address: 24
NEED MORE INFO votes, with no address: 16
YES votes total: 239 votes, 67.13%
NO votes total: 77 votes, 21.63%
NEED MORE INFO votes total: 40 votes, 11.24%
Total surveys sent: 1098
Total surveys received: 356
Undeliverable surveys: 33
Participation percent: ​32.42%


Proposed Lockwood Parcel Tax Increase FAQs

Q. Why is the Lockwood Fire Protection District proposing a parcel tax increase?
A. The current parcel tax of $70 for improved property and $35 for unimproved property has not been increased in 20 years. The cost to maintain buildings and vehicles, and provide training and protective equipment to the volunteer firefighters has increased significantly over the years, and now exceeds the revenue LFPD receives annually from the community it serves. In addition, LFPD has not been able to set aside funds to replace equipment that will not be serviceable in the future. In order to continue to operate independently, revenue must increase or Lockwood eventually will not be able to sustain operations and respond to calls.


Q. Why did I receive a survey about increasing the parcel tax?
 As a property owner in LFPD's district, you received the survey to
have an opportunity to express your willingness to increase your
parcel tax so that LFPD can remain an independent fire district.


Q. The survey shows a range of $150 to $200 for a proposed parcel tax increase. Where did those numbers come from and why is it a range?
A. A review of expenditures over the past few years was conducted, and then a forecast was made using those numbers as a starting point. Should the community express a willingness to support a parcel tax increase, a more in-depth analysis would be conducted to determine a final proposed number. The next step would be to place the proposed increase on the ballot for District residents to vote on.
The ballot measure would require a two-thirds vote to pass.

Q. Are there alternatives to increasing the parcel tax?
A. Yes, on a parallel track the Lockwood Board is also working with LAFCO to determine the feasibility of merging with Amador Fire Protection District. In that scenario, AFPD would assume the assets and liabilities of Lockwood and take over providing fire service. The cost to residents is unknown at this time, but would be based on the AFPD assessment formula.
According to AFPD, eighty percent of residents currently pay less than $100 per year for fire service under that formula. As part of the LAFCO process, there will one or more public hearings for the community to get more information, ask questions and make suggestions about what conditions they would like to see in that scenario.


Q. What wording has been put into the measure to keep the county from withdrawing current funds once you get the new increase approved?
A. Currently, no measure has been drafted to put on a ballot for a vote by the community. If Lockwood remains independent, the County would not have authority to take funds from LFPD, as LFPD would remain a Special District. The other option, merging with AFPD, will involve public hearings and an agreement could require that both LFPD stations would remain open.


Q. What has been submitted to LAFCO on behalf of Lockwood Fire Protection District?
A. At the November 27, 2023 Board meeting, Board members, by 4 to 1 majority, voted to submit a the following Resoultion to LAFCO:


WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of the Lockwood Fire Protection District (Lockwood) proposes, and requests that the Amador Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) initiate proceedings pursuant to Part 3 of the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000, California Government Code Section 56650 et seq., to divest Lockwood of its fire protection services and dissolve the district, to extend fire protection services from the Amador Fire Protection District (AFPD) to the existing jurisdiction of Lockwood, a map of which is shown on Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, and to modify the jurisdictional boundaries of AFPD to include the jurisdictional boundaries of Lockwood, as that district is generally described on Exhibit A.
WHEREAS, the proposal area consists of a total area of 22 square miles, the location and boundaries of which are depicted in Exhibit A.
WHEREAS, the reason for the proposal is:

In order to stabilize and ensure the economic ability of the district providing fire protection and associated services to the jurisdictional area of Lockwood, is it necessary that those services be provided by AFPD rather than Lockwood. Therefore it is necessary to extend fire protection and associated services from AFPD to the jurisdiction of Lockwood, to divest Lockwood of its fire protection and associated services, and to dissolve Lockwood.
WHEREAS, the proposal is consistent with all relevant spheres of influence; and

WHEREAS, the proposal is subject to the following terms and conditions:

The proposal is contingent on the ability, both physically and economically, of AFPD to adequately extend fire protection and associated services to the jurisdictional area of Lockwood, and to do so without adversely affecting the ability of AFPD to provide those services to the remainder of its jurisdiction.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Board of Directors of the Lockwood Fire Protection District hereby proposes and requests that LAFCO initiate proceedings pursuant to Part 3 of the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000, California Government Code Section 56650 et seq.
Upon motion of _____________________, seconded by ________________, and duly carried, the Board of Directors of the District hereby approves and adopts this resolution on this 23rd day of October 2023.


Q. What happens if the dissolution of LFPD is approved through the LAFCO process?
A. As specified in the Cortese-Knox Act of 2000, California Government Code Section 56650 et seq, after the LAFCO Executive Officer files the requisite certificate of completion, the consolidated district (LFPD) succeeds to all the “powers, rights, duties, obligations, functions, and properties of all predecessor district.”
The Amador County Board of Supervisors, who also serve as the AFPD Board of Directors, will be responsible for first response and control all income and assets of Lockwood Fire Protection District.

Q. What assets will be turned over to Amador Fire Protection District?
A. As outlined in the Lockwood Fire Protection District 2022 Annual Report, Lockwood will be turning over land and improvements of two fire stations.
Additionally, recently purchased fire apparatus, personal protective equipment, and refurbished rolling stock, as outlined below, will become property of AFPD:

Engine 6520 underwent major preventive maintenance service and had several significant repairs made at a cost of approximately $85,000.00.

Engine 6526 did not receive any significant repairs outside of minor maintenance at a cost approximately $1,500.00.

Engine 6530 being the oldest piece of apparatus in the fleet was well overdue for several significant repairs and major service work at a cost of approximately $65,000.00.

Water Tender 6540 carries 4000 gallons, and is the largest water tender in the county. This piece of apparatus had some design features in need of correction, requiring major retrofitting to the rear bumper/storage area, and the midship fire pump required some retrofitting of valves and other pump controls. This work, along with mechanical repairs and required maintenance, came at a cost of approximately $80,000.00.

Squad 6546 received much needed preventive maintenance and structural repairs to the buildup and storage compartments. Several wiring issues were repaired, including the replacement of all 110 volt emergency and scene lighting with LED 12 volt at a cost of approximately $20,000.00.

Chief 5101 is our command vehicle, and even though it is a 2015 and has relatively low miles, it did require some minor service work; New tires, the installation of a cross-bed toolbox, and additional emergency lighting at a cost of approximately $10,000.00.

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