05/19/2019 - Shake Ridge Rd Update - Press Release from Brian Oneto, Dist. 5 Supervisor

Obviously, the repairs that we made up on Shakeridge are not performing the way that we wanted, and we have it closed until we are positive that the public can travel on it safely.

There are really three things that we are trying to figure out right now:

1.       What went wrong with the first repair.

2.       Who is responsible for what went wrong with the first repair.

3.       What to do differently so that we can get this road back open safely and permanently.

We have a team working on all of these questions, and there are many questions that we do not have the answer to.  It certainly appears that this is a deeper issue than the minor settling that was asserted when the cracking started.

We are trying to get some repairs made and get assurances from our geotechnical engineers that the road is safe to open, at least during the dry months.  When the subsurface gets wet again, however, the road will likely need to be closed again until some permanent repairs can be made.  Right now, we do not know what those permanent repairs will look like – whether it is a complete rework or something that can be done from below while the road remains relatively intact.  Those are details that our team is working on right now.